Our Mission

We’re a small law firm with a big mission—to help local governments prepare for, respond to, and obtain benefits from the cable, telecom and wireless industries.  Founded by a former municipal official, our firm believes that local government is the most important level of government.  It is closest to the people and the most responsive to their needs.  It is the only level of government that can effectively regulate all of the telecommunications facilities in its public rights-of-way.

The attorneys of the Cohen Law Group are focused, aggressive, and dedicated to meeting three key objectives for our clients: 1) protect communities and secure greater legal protections from the telecom industry’s use of municipal property; 2) ensure that local governments and their residents benefit from advancements in communications technology; and 3) obtain and recover new revenues from the industry to compensate local governments for use of their property.

Achieving these objectives requires more than commitment.  It also requires a specialized knowledge of the law and regulations in this field, as well as experience negotiating with the industry.  The Cohen Law Group has been assisting local governments in cable, wireless and broadband issues for 20 years.  We look forward to working with you to add value to your mission.