Opposition of the PA Municipal Associations
before the PA PUC to the Motions for
Reconsideration filed by Crown Castle and ExeNet

April 17, 2017

Alert: Wireless Industry Drafts Bill to Eliminate Zoning of Towers and Antennas in the Public Rights-of-Way
January 2017

How to Manage Wireless Facilities in Your Borough
PA Borough News, November 2016

Franchise Fee Audits and Renewals: How to Get More Money and Other Benefits from Your Cable Company
PA State Association of Township Supervisors, 2016

Action Alert: AT&T Offers Wireless Ordinance That Limits Municipal Rights
September 2016

CLG Comments on behalf of PA Municipal Associations before the PA PUC in DAS Wireless Proceeding
April 2016

Community Led Broadband: How it Can Transform Your Local Government 
Presentation to Grand Island, NY March 2016

Lightspeed Issue 1
Summer 2015

Cellular Atack: Zoning Ordinances Can Help Townships Fight Invasion of Small Cell Towers
PA Township News, August 2014